Software Crafter / I help organizations build better Software faster

An academic, entrepreneur, advisor, software architect and developer, with more than two decades of experience in industry and academia, mainly building software systems on all scales, from single users system to country-wide implementation, mainly using Java technology.

I received my PhD Degree from University of Nevada, Reno in Computer science and Engineering, Nevada, USA; my Master’s Degree in Enterprise Systems Engineering from Princess Sumaya University and German-Jordanian University, Amman, Jordan; and my Bachelor degree in Computer Science from Mu’tah University, Karak, Jordan.

I am is the founder of j-wizard platform that provides low-code no-code and code generation tools. In addition, I developed j-framework API’s and frameworks that are intensively used in various domains, such as banking, government, and education. Moreover, I am the founder of Final-Solutions for IT consulting and outsourcing, and the founder of Solid-Soft for information technology solutions.

In addition, I worked as Software Development and IT Advisor at various respected organizations such as USAID, Arab Bank PLC ICS Financials, and ITS.

I am certified expert by Oracle and Sun microsystems in Java technology; in particular, I am Certified Java Programmer, Java Developer, Web Components Developer, Business Components Developer, and Java Server Faces developer.

Currently, I am the CEO of Final-Solutions, Solid-Soft, and j-wizard, and Assistant Professor of Software Engineering at Applied Science University.